【Aula Simfonia Jakarta】復活節音樂會快訊

In celebration of Easter, Aula Simfonia Jakarta presents Easter Concert Apr 08th with programs:

JAN DISMAS ZELENKA - Missa Paschalis 
Zelenka composed his Easter Mass or Missa Paschalis in Dresden in 1726. He was standing in for the Kapellmeister, and for the first time secured the privilege of composing and conducting the performance in the presence of the monarch, who was the Saxon Prince Elector and the Polish king simultaneously. His masses are called "number masses" where the text is divided into the normal main sections and then subdivided to allow variation into choral and solo items. This was the model followed in the B Minor Mass by Bach, who considered Zelenka one of the best composers he had ever known. Today he is considered one of the most significant Baroque composers, alongside Vivaldi, Bach, and Handel

Octet for Strings in E-flat Major, Op. 20 
The Octet was written in 1825 when Mendelssohn was only 16 years old. He dedicated the work to a friend, violinist Eduard Rietz, for his 23rd birthday. The piece is significant as it was one of two brilliant works considered to be a sign of his genius in this teenage years; the other work being the Overture to A Midsummer Night's Dream. The Octet has remained a favorite of string players and chamber music lovers. Even Mendelssohn himself regarded it highly; describing is as "my favorite of all my compositions" and added, "I had a most wonderful time in the writing of it!’ 

Christus, Op. 97 
Mendelssohn wrote many great works in his life including 2 oratorios: Elijah and St. Paul. Near the end of his life he began working on a third oratorio but completed only 13 movements In the tradition of Handel's Messiah, this oratorio was intended to tell the life of Jesus Christ in three sections, dealings with his birth, passion, and resurrection. The 13 movements he managed to finish by the time of his death were mostly from the birth section. After Mendelssohn's death, his younger brother Paul assembled the incomplete oratorio for publication under the title Christus.

5pm Sat 08 Apr 2017
Jakarta Oratorio Society
Jakarta Simfonia Orchestra
Dr. Billy Kristanto, 

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